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120 Kids Quiz Questions

We have given the answers of each quiz questions along with each question. So just read below and see the right answers of each questions. Feel free to give your feedback in comment section. Thank You. Question No 1 Which is the biggest continent in the world?

Answer : Asia. Question No 2 Which is longest river in the world? Answer : Nile. Question No 3 Which is the largest ocean in the world? Answer : Pacific Ocean. Answer : Param Question No 5 Which bank is called bankers bank of India?

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Answer : Reserve Bank of India. Question No 6 Which is largest animal in the world? Answer : Blue whale. Question No 7 Which is largest animal on land? Answer : African Elephant. Question No 8 Which is largest island in the world?

Answer : Greenland. Question No 9 Which is largest flower in the world? Answer : Rafflesia. Question No 10 Which is the 29th state of India?

Answer : Telangana. Question No 11 Tsunami is a word in which language? Answer : Japanese. Question No 12 Which state has the longest coastal line in India?

Answer : Gujarat. Question No 13 Which continent is known as Dark continent? Answer : Africa. Question No 14 On which river the Uri dam is constructed? Answer : Jhalam. Question No 15 Which is the smallest country in the world? Answer : Vatican City. Question No 16 Which is largest desert in the world?A good general knowledge helps the person, everywhere. With such a thing, you can talk about different topics and certainly, people will believe in your knowledge abilities, In this article, we have shared plus General Trivia Questions.

Some of them are quite easy, while some are hard. And yes, before answering the questions, you must not take help from Google. Trivia questions. Share on Facebook. Name the largest planet in the universe.

Which year did Albert Einstein die? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Who proposed this law? Which year did the incident of Gulf Oil Spill occur?

Name the famous stage actor who killed Abraham Lincoln in ? John Wikes Booth.

general knowledge questions

Who discovered human cell? Robert Hooke. General Directorate for External Security. Beauty with brains is the basic concept of which famous competition? Miss Universe. Who invented calculus? Sir Isaac Newton. Infour intelligent brains created Twitter. Biz Stone.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Who wrote, Around the world in Eighty Days? Jules Verne. Fear of closely-packed holes is called? In which city of Spain did Columbus die? One is Joseph Barbra and the second is? William Hanna. Who is known as the father of mathematics? Name the county which is situated in the south-east of England? Which ocean bounds with South America from the west? Pacific Ocean. Second position. Name the blood group that is rarest than O-Negative. Bombay Blood group. Which year did the United Nations establish?

Inwhich American President gave the orders of throwing bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Harry S.Sushi comes from Japan. A traditional appetizer or main course, it features vinegared rice, cooked or raw seafood, vegetables and seaweed. In Genesis, God creates the world in 6 days. He rests on the 7th day. China is home to roughly 1. India is in a close second with roughly 1. Washington, D. It's the capital of the U. Antibiotics are effective at treating bacterial infections.

They should not be taken if you have a virus because they cannot kill viruses. A popular myth is that if you carry your baby low, it's a boy and if it's higher up it's a girl. This is not true. If a woman is carrying her baby up higher she either has strong abdominal muscles or has not been pregnant before.

Africa is a continent containing 54 countries. It is the second-largest and second most populous continent on earth after Asia. A number of languages which developed in Europe descended from the Latin spoken by Ancient Romans.

The Earth has only 1 moon. It plays a role in ocean tides. There are countries on earth today. Cancer itself is not contagious. You cannot catch breast cancer, leukemia or any other type of cancer from someone who has it.General knowledge quiz questions are a great fun for people of all ages.

You can test your general knowledge by trying to answer these questions. How do I improve my general knowledge? Many people ask this question. So, we have decided to put some general knowledge questions in the form of a quiz along with their answers so that you can learn and improve your general knowledge.

This collection of general knowledge contains questions from various fields. They not only help you increase your general knowledge, but also create a superb online learning experience for you. You can also use them as rapid fire questions for a quiz with answers.


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Due to the popular demand of our readers, we are publishing part 2 of the general knowledge quiz series with answers. Click on links above to read part 2 and 3 of General Knowledge Quiz Series. Are you interested to read some general science quiz questions with answers to increase your general knowledge among others? If yes, then please have a look at our general science question-answer series. It is a 4-part series of general science questions with answers. Great collection of general knowledge quiz questions.

These are really helpful. It is really very good for general knowledge if we lean from these articles. These general knowledge quiz questions with answers are very useful and knowlegable for me. Thanks for sharing them with us! Amazing website I have ever seen. It just improved my general knowledge. I totally love this site and I dont have any words to describe my emotions. This is the best and brilliant collection of general knowledge questions with answers of all time.

Your website is the ocean of knowledge. Students can learn a lot from here for prepration of competitive exams. I am really thank ful for this informative site because lot of vital general knowledge is added to my mind. It is the best GK website I have ever seen.

I love this site. It is very helpful to increase my general knowledge.

This information is very helpful to increase GK. Please keep sending more GK updates on my email. It was very useful general knowledge quiz. If u could provide these GK questions in all languages then it would be useful for everyone.Quizwise is a general knowledge quiz site for serious trivia enthusiasts.

A new challenge is available every day. Our quizzes are the perfect way to relax over a morning coffee or wind down before bed. Several caves in Spain are sites of prehistoric rock paintings.

Approximately when were the earliest, line motifs and stencilled hands, believed to have been painted? For whom were the three orchestral suites, in F, D and G Major, together usually known as the Water Music, composed in ?

Daily Quizzes Daily Our daily general knowledge quiz. Quiz Archive Archive A complete history of our quiz challenges. By Subject Subjects Choose from seven quiz categories. Personalised Personalised Build a quiz by subject and difficulty.

Daily Quiz General Knowledge Quiz Quizwise is a general knowledge quiz site for serious trivia enthusiasts. A An extreme craving for food dips. B An irresistible craving for alcoholic drink. C Madness caused by unsatisfiable thirst. D An abnormal and persistent fear of drinking alcohol. Select from the options above.

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In what country is the lightning-prone mouth of the Catatumbo River? A Venezuela. B Argentina. C Colombia. D Suriname. Where was Daniel arap Moi a leader? A Kenya. B India. C Mongolia. D Argentina. A A small black alpine mammal found in Europe. B A jargon. C A species of oat. D A fungus growing in rye, sometimes wheat and barley, and other grasses.

Single buck or double buck in a sports competition refers to what? A A method of sawing through a piece of wood.As you know that In competitive exams, GK, GK questions, as well as reasoning related questions, are also asked.

World Top 50 General Knowledge Questions Answers

You can start your preparation through the Test Series and Mock Tests. Visit these three main reasoning types to practice all the topics of reasoning :. Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers. Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers. Non Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers. Indian Geography Questions. Ancient Indian History Questions. Physics GK Questions. Biology GK Questions. Famous places GK questions. Indian Politics GK Questions. Economics GK Questions. General Science GK Questions.

World GK Questions. Chemistry GK questions. Sports GK questions. Honours and Awards GK Questions. Books and Authors Gk Questions. Indian History Questions. Indian Art and Culture GK questions.

You can attempt GK Questions for fun too. There are a lot of General Knowledge questions on this site. Show Answer. Shantaram Laxman Naik, who passed away recently, was the former Congress chief of which state? Feel free and ask me in the comment section if you have any doubt or problem regarding general knowledge questions.

Visit on the next page for more practice or read questions.It is very tough to select only a few GK questions for kids as it is a vast area and in fact boundless. Some of the questions may seem too simple for higher class students but it is always good to revise what you know before you add in more information to your knowledge base. Parents and teachers should take an effort to see that kids have at least a basic general knowledge right from their initial days.

Register As School. School Directory. Here we can have a look at some of the randomly picked basic GK questions for kids of all ages. How many days do we have in a week? Answer: Seven 2. How many days are there in a year? Answer: not a leap year 3.

How many colours are there in a rainbow? Answer: 7 4. How many letters are there in the English alphabet? Answer: 26 6. How many consonants are there in the English alphabet? Answer: 21 7. How many sides are there in a triangle?

Answer: Three 8. In which direction does the sun rise? Answer: East 9.