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Ford promised a direct-injected EcoBoost engine capable of producing power while achieving better fuel efficiency. But owners generally categorize the engine as under-powered, prone to catching on fire, and subject to shaking, shuddering and stalling. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me three times, oh I must own a Ford. The problem was so bad Ford urged Escape owners to park their cars and not drive them to a dealership for repair. Instead, Ford sent out a fleet of tow trucks and offered each driver a free loaner car. A nice gesture, but it just speaks volumes about how dangerous the issue was. Ford claims to have found a fix which involves updating software that better manages engine temperatures.

Let's hope it works. Ford said the engine compartment fuel line may have been installed incorrectly when repaired under the prior recall. The placement of the fuel line could cause irritation to the line and cause it to leak. EcoBoost engines are known for shuddering, shaking and rapidly losing power while accelerating.

I drove it to church, no problems. Took it out to dinner after church, it ran fine. This morning the check engine light is flashing again. The entire truck is shaking violently. In May, three Ohio Ford owners filed a lawsuit claiming the 3. Although there have been no federal investigations or recalls about the V-6 EcoBoost, the lawsuit alleges that Ford has known about the problem and informed their dealers, but they left the public out of the conversation.

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eco throttle problems

Search forums. Thread starter RamMan Start date May 28, Welcome to EcoDieselRam. Your truck knowledge is missing! Registration is FREEall we need is your birthday and email. Post your own topics and reply to existing threads to help others out! Problems registering? Click here to contact us! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. First Prev 2 of 9 Go to page. Jun 28, 64 12 8 western pennsylvania Truck Year I just took my truck to dealer and they gave me a loaner at no cost.

It was a crewcab work truck with the v-6 gas engine. Surprized how well it run. Benito Member. Sep 27, 35 7 8 Truck Year BoostN Administrator Staff member. Jul 27, 3, Tennessee ecodieselram. Benito said:. Not only they are not providing a loaner, but they want me to pay for 30 miles towing. Reactions: Benito. BoostN said:. Call Ram customer care.April 12,pm Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Handle Cranker Offline Posts: Hello All, I have the above generator. It starts fine and runs fine at constant RPM as long as the eco throttle is turned off and it's running at max, but when I turn the eco throttle on and it settles down to less RPM it starts to cycle and lope and will not line out at a constant RPM unloaded.

I was wondering if any of you out there has experienced this issue with your EUi and could comment on what you think the problem might be. Any experienced insight would be greatly appreciated. Chocks-a-lot Offline Posts: If you close the chock just a little it should smooth out and run just right. I have to let mine warm up really good before it will run right.

Back-er-in-er Offline Posts: Sounds like your carb is getting gunked up. Run some Seafoam and fresh gas through it.

Give it good dose of the Seafoam. After that use Seafoam in every tankful.

eco throttle problems

Should fix her up. Running with the choke partially on will only carbon her up and use more gas. I bought a 4 yr old but slightly used EUi over the winter and during the demo it seemed to work fine but when I ran it the next day at home it surged exactly the same way. After draining the old fuel, putting in new non ethanol gas it was slightly better but only slightly so I poured a bit of Sea Foam into the gas tank but that didn't help much either.

A bit of internet reading and it sure seemed likely that the tiny jets inside the carb had gunked up and appeared that I was going to either have to disassemble and clean the carb myself or take it to our local Honda shop which has an ultrasonic cleaner designed just for this purpose. However, I thought I'd take one more try at it and bought a can of Sea Foam spray - after removing the foam air filter I stuck the long nozzle provided with the can of Sea Foam as close to the carb throat as I could get it.

Wow, that sure produces a LOT of white smoke, will stall out the engine if you let it, but the engine gradually began running better and better, 'til I could finally turn the choke off entirely. Now, whether idling or running full tilt, whether under load or not, it purrs like a kitten.

While there can be any one of a number of reasons for a genset to surge gummed up carb jets are at the head of the list and is worth addressing first before tearing any further into the genset.

If Sea Foam sprayed directly into the carb throat won't do the trick and you decide you are willing to tear into the carb yourself here's a detailed How To on cleaning the carb jets. If you'd like more info in general about this genset the Honda EUi Yahoo Forum is an invaluable resource.

As others have said, it's just dirty carb jets. Definately become friendly with Seafoam and use it year round. Great stuff. Provides similar improvents in anything automotive too. The good news is that the main jet and the jet tube are readily available from Honda, and easily installed.

Wouldn't be a bad idea to order both, and have them on hand. If Seafoam in fresh fuel doesn't do the trick, it's definately worth pulling the carb, popping the bowl off and cleaning the jets and the carb at the same time. If you go this route, it's worth the extra effort to strip the paper off a grocery store vegetable bag twist tie, and use that thin wire inside to poke through all the jets.

It's the perfect size, and combined with carb cleaner and compressed air will work amazingly well. And no, it won't do any damage to your ruined jets.The EcoBoost engine is already a powerhouse, but if you're looking for more there's more to be had. This guide will go over everything you need to know about the EcoBoost F The 2. Thanks to a twin scroll turbocharger and direct fuel injection, EcoBoost Fs are able to overcome the disadvantages of naturally aspirated, small displacement, 6-cylinder engines and create equal output to naturally aspirated V8 engines.

Imagine for a second you pop the hood of a V6 F to check out its powerplant without looking at the badges on the side of the body. Would you be able to distinguish an EcoBoost engine from the 3. Look for the twin scroll turbochargers fitted to the EcoBoost, plain and simple. The 3.

Common Ford 3.5L Ecoboost Engine Problems & How to Handle Them

Easy stuff. Twin independent Variable Cam Timing means the engine allows for the intake and exhaust valves to remain open for a fraction of a second, overlapping each other. This overlap allows new fuel to mix with the escaping exhaust gasses, which improves torque and improves emissions.

Honda EU20i Running Issue On Eco Mode

The TI-VCt technology comes standard in the 2. To put that into perspective, the V8 5. Both the 2. Swapping out the throttle body will add some power while also enhancing throttle response. An off-road downpipe will not have a catalytic converter and will not pass emissions testing, however it will add more power than a catted downpipe and sound much louder as well.

The easiest way to add power to your EcoBoost F is by swapping out the turbocharger for a larger unit. A bigger turbocharger will make much more power than the stock one, however you may incur or increase turbo lag and will test the limits of the EcoBoost engine block. Changing out the rear gears will improve acceleration while not adding any horsepower. This is because swapping out the rear gears for a steeper gear will allow you to access more power earlier in the RPM band. Steeper gears do sacrifice your top end speed to pull this off however, but if you're looking for a pick-me-up, a set of gears will do the job.

Independent testing from various outlets have found it got around 16 mpg average in real world testing conditions. One way you can improve the fuel economy of your EcoBoost F is by adding a custom tune. Twin-scroll turbochargers have two input lines from the exhaust manifold that lead to the turbine that suck in the exhaust gases.

Twin-scroll turbochargers can spool up much quicker than conventional turbochargers and will give crisp and quick throttle response backed up by significant low-end torque. While there is no official word how much power an EcoBoost engine can hold, some forum users have reported the 2. If you do replace the stock EcoBoost turbo with an aftermarket one, you will also need to upgrade some other things on your F such as the fuel injectors, intake, spark plugs, intercooler, throttle body, downpipe, and tune to get the most out of it.

The turbo system is mainly comprised of the turbocharger, intercooler, hot side and cold side piping, and the downpipe. The EcoBoost F functions mechanically just like any other turbocharged application and needs to use an intercooler to get the most out of its turbo. The F EcoBoost intercooler takes the hot air produced from the turbocharger and cools it down before feeding it back into the engine.

Upgrading the intercooler on your EcoBoost F will free up some horsepower as well as make your turbocharger perform stronger. Swapping out the intercooler on your F for an aftermarket one is a necessary step when upgrading the turbocharger. Adding fuel directly into the combustion chamber allows for more power since the fuel burn is more efficient. The overall process is very efficient in terms of power creation and fuel economy when compared to port fuel injection. The EcoBoost F is built Ford tough, is very well put together, and fairly low maintenance.

Although it is not a widespread problem, Ford has revised the design of their 2. This hybrid fuel injection system is designed to keep the valves clean and not allow excess carbon to build up. The factory downpipe can be replaced on your F for one that either has catalytic converters or an off-road, uncatted version.By gazstsAugust 5, in Ford Fiesta Club.

Had a new fiesta ecoboost for a couple of weeks now and im little concerned with a noise myself and my other half keep hearing from the engine. Hard to explain but as i say only when car goes above It will also make this noise when parked up and revving the engine gently. To top it off if driving along and allow the car to slow under engine braking it goes away but if you tap the pedal it will return for a couple of secs then dissapear again. Took it to ford and the guy just said its noisy injectors and is just a new engine design but im not convinced hence why i ask here.

eco throttle problems

I have the bud. ZS in red. Absolutely love it apart from this sound which can be heard even when having loud road noise in the background :. Turbo possibly? I have to say that is one loud 1ltr engine. Is she running fine? I know in the manual they say you might hear engine variations for awhile till it settles down. I know when i had 25 miles on the clock around k i noticed different noises that concerned me.

Is it me or does your needle wobble at 1. I've noticed mine doing this but quite more consistently. I will check it out when i can cause i need my Girl friend needs to rev it or can you hear it from the inside? Yep, the car seems absolutely fine overall, it still pulls well etc.

It can be heard inside the car quite clearly with the windows up etc and the only way to remove the distraction is put some music on lol I must also add that this noise has been getting louder as time has gone on. It was noticed originally when we had about miles on the car. At first I was thinking 'oh maybe it's just the engine running in'. However it's been getting more noticeable over time. We are now at miles and it seems to be still getting louder.

Took it to Ford and I as say all they think it was is loud injectors but I've never heard injectors like that before :s. Thanks for your input on this guys really do appreciate the help in getting to the bottom of this :D.

I did have the feeling I was maybe being fobbed off as I can understand 'clicking' from the injector, but metal? I've heard a few modern cars with direct injection that suffer from quite loud, tappety injectors.

BMW's new 'twinpower' 4-cylinder petrol 'N20' engine sufferes from this. Sounds almost diesel-like at times but is completely normal. I couldn't watch your videos at work but it wouldn't surprise me if the ecoboost engines sounded similar.February 1, — A Ford sudden deceleration lawsuit alleges a host of vehicles have defective electronic throttle body control systems that cause the vehicles to suddenly and dangerously lose power.

If certified as a class-action, the Ford sudden deceleration lawsuit will include all consumers who purchased or leased one of the following vehicles:. The lawsuit was filed by Silvia Franco, who says she bought a Ford Explorer with a 3. The plaintiff says she was driving in June when the SUV suddenly and without warning experienced a "sudden unintended deceleration" SUD event.

The plaintiff says she would not have purchased her Ford Explorer if she knew it was unsafe and potentially deadly to her and others.

Everything You Need to Know About Your EcoBoost F-150

In addition, according to the lawsuit, Ford has marketed and sold vehicles with defective electronic throttle body control systems since and failed to take measures to protect consumers. Ford dealers allegedly attributed the defect to trouble codes P and P in the onboard computer indicating the electronic throttle actuator control was sticking open or closed.

Ford told NHTSA that any throttle body problems did not present an unreasonable risk to safety because if the problem occurs, a driver has the ability to get the vehicle off the road.

In Februarythe government said Ford wouldn't need to order a recall because the automaker agreed to begin " customer satisfaction program " 13N03 to fix throttle body problems. The plaintiff says Ford admitted sudden deceleration problems when the automaker started the program, but even then only certain vehicles Ford Escape, Ford Fusion, Mercury Mariner and Mercury Milan were included in the program.

The lawsuit says the program didn't mean much because without an official recall Ford didn't have to fix all affected vehicles and wasn't forced to automatically inform owners about the program.

Instead, the customer satisfaction program allegedly only extended warranty coverage for the electronic throttle body, making an owner wait until the parts broke before the vehicle would be repaired. Ford blamed the sudden deceleration events on a buildup of material on the contacts of the throttle bodies that caused a loss of connectivity and engine power, something Ford could allegedly repair by a software update.

However, according to the lawsuit, this still left a defective electronic throttle body to cause sudden unintended deceleration events. The plaintiff wants Ford to pay damages and equitable relief, fix all vehicles named in the lawsuit by replacing the electronic throttle bodies, inform consumers through advertising campaigns about the dangers of sudden unintended deceleration and educate consumers about their pre-purchase or pre-lease legal rights once all the facts are known.

The plaintiff claims millions of owners and lessees are in danger because Ford refuses to act morally and is choosing profit before responsibility. The Ford sudden deceleration lawsuit was filed in the U. Ford Motor Company. Owners say bad throttle bodies cause Ford vehicles to suddenly lose power without warning. If certified as a class-action, the Ford sudden deceleration lawsuit will include all consumers who purchased or leased one of the following vehicles: Lincoln Mark LT 3.

Read what owners have told CarComplaints.Unfortunately all the suspension problems means some owners only find out after they notice their tires are ruined. With most other cars, major suspension work is pretty rare under 50, miles. This car has so many problems one after the other.

The whole car will be brand new soon. My car started sputtering and would not reach speeds over 10mph. I put flashers on and drove to nearby mechanic. I looked up recalls and safety sites, for this was very unsafe. I found sites for accelerator pedal sticking, safety issues dealing with the throttle body.

I am paying for repairs but also looking into why Dodge put me in this unsafe situation. I have a heart condition and was very afraid driving it while it was sputtering and shaking and not driving safe at all. There are prior safety complaints The recall will remedy a defect in the accelerator pedal assembly accelerator pedal of the Electronic Throttle Control ETC system that can cause the accelerator pedal to stick in an open position and not return to the idle position when released.

As stated in the opening resume, the subject vehicles Caliber are equipped with an ETC accelerator pedal manufactured by the CTS Corporation, the same supplier of the ETC accelerator pedal used in the recently recalled Toyota vehicles.

My car stalled while driving on the highway with a red lightening bolt on the dash.

OK, Now What?

Turned the car off for about 5 minutes and it started up fine and the lightening bolt went away. Drove my car without issues for about a month when it happened again driving through town. Now, when the car is running, there is absolutely no power when you step on the gas.

My dad hooked a computer up to my car which read code P -Throttle Actuator. So first thing, we did a complete oil change and used some sort of cleaner. When we started the car up The next thing we did was replaced the gas peddle thinking it might be the sensor but nothing changed.

Now, with all my other complaints about this "thorn in my side" that I have a car payment on The ETC light is coming on now?

My husband has to drive this P. Car stalled all the time, lost power, and hard to accelerate. Apparently the RPMs were initially set too low at idle and that was fixed by one of the updates. Then they replaced the throttle body by suspicion. Dodge screwed me over major with this car and the mechanics there even agreed it is a bad model they shouldn't have made!

OK, Now What?

Stay away from it! This is a major complaint with these cars as I have found online. Now what has been happening is my ck engine light came on 2 weeks after the entire front end suspension was replaced when I drove the car it would shake and acted like it was losing power and would not let me accelerate past 35 mph.

I took it in it had several stored codes. Cylinder misfire and camshaft they cleared it and test drove it but it did not come back on so the Dodge tech. As I have read Dodge knows of these issues and has done nothing about it I have also called and made my complaint no call back yet. I would even be happy if Dodge would reimburse me for these issues as obviously they are well documented known issues. I have spent way to much on this car in 3 months and 7 months pregnant with a 6 year old I need a safe reliable car!